For over 21 years Milrail has supplied product for the North American Transit industry. As a value added stocking supplier and a manufacturer’s agent Milrail has grown alongside its customer base.

With its expertise in the transit industry Milrail supplies numerous products including contact wire, power/signal cables and bonds, car wire and electrical accessories that meet the demanding needs of transit car and locomotive builders of North America.

Milrail’s products meet current standards of APTA, AREMA and transit authorities from around the world. Whether your needs are for new builds, rebuilds or simple repairs, Milrail has the experience and capabilities to support your program and production schedules.

Milrail is extremely proud of its extensive list of products from manufacturers who are industry leaders. Product lines such as the Clicomatic Rail Lubricator is fast becoming the choice for noise reduction in urban environments and extending track life. The Clicomatic has proven itself time and time again with its clean and environmentally friendly delivery system.

SRS is the world renowned manufacturer of Road/Rail vehicles. Whether for bridge inspection or welding to catenary. SRS vehicles work on, under and above tracks to get the job done right. All this while minimizing operation times and above all not compromising operator safety.