Milrail Inc. is a proud supporter to the North American Railroad industry for the past 21 years.

Milrail is a stoking distributor of electrical interconnects components as well as manufacturer of custom value added assemblies. As an ISO 9001 registered company Milrail represents the finest manufacturers from around the world.

The scope of Milrail’s product offering includes signal cable, case wire, splice kits, cable assemblies, connectors, signal bonds, track drills, cable penetrations, thermite welded bonds, heat shrink tubing, conduit systems, heat tracing cable, LED Lighting, track lubricators and out line of SRS Road/Rail bridge inspection vehicles.

As a value added supplier Milrail offers kitting services, which can be tailored to specific jobs and delivered directly to the installation site.

The SRS Road/Rail vehicles have been servicing North American railroads for 25 years. To this day some of the original equipment still operates, demonstrating the quality of the product. SRS has proved to be cost effective supplier and more importantly has been their excellent safety record. The perfect combination.