Track Drill

Drilling capacities:

* up to 7/8" diameter with twist drills.

* up to 1-1/2" diameter with annular cutter.

General features:

Total weight is 44 lbs. with clamp & shoes

Size 22"L x 11.5"W x 9.5"H

2 Stroke Engine: mix 25 to 1 oil

2 HP @ 6000 RPM

Maximum spindle speed 370 RPM

Spindle travel is 3"

Engine has built-in pull starter

Fuel tank capacity: 1.1 liters/1qt.

Over-rail clamp included:
\With this clamp the drill is mountedfast and easily. There is no adjusting or leveling of the drill once mounted. With the speed slip screw very fewturns are required to affix drill onto the rail.

Rail Shoes provide solid fit to rail:
The DP3TH drilling machine isoutfitted with a set of rail shoes.Each rail shoe is used for only one type of rail. These ensure a good fitting to the rail. This reduces vibration, increases drill bit life andgives tighter hole size tolerances. Rail shoes are changed quickly and are orientated by polarizing slots, which prevents incorrect mounting.

Spindle turning made easy:

The DP3TH drilling machine has a special key socket on the side toallow for the rotation of the spindle when the drill is off. This helps in alignment of set screws holding the drill bit in the chuck, making for easier changing of drill bits. The hex key supplied for this is also used for the changing of the rail shoes.

Lubrication - Cutting Oil:

When using an annular cutter,lubrication is provided by acentral spray through the spindle. When using a twist drill bit a adjustable lubrication by-pass nozzle puts cutting fluid right where it is needed. The drilling machine is outfitted with a quickrelease coupling and a shut-off valve.