Roxtec Cable Penetration

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Flexible for future needs

The Roxtec system is adaptable to fit cables and pipes of different sizes. It works with materials and structures of varying thickness and provides built in spare capacity for quick design changes and retrofit. You can always open up a Roxtec seal, add cables or pipes for new systems, technoogies or equipment.

Secure Communication

Roxtec seals are used for cables and optical fiber in radar, telecom and satelite systems. Our seals are found in communication nodes, towers and on vehicle roofs as well as in control cabinets, protecting electronic equipment from humidity, fire and EMI/RFI. It is safe and easy to install pre-terminated cables with military standard connectors in small areas filled with equipment. As you do not have to cut radio frequency cables and re-attach connectors anymore.

Barrier in all buildings

Reliable cable sealing is extreamely important in hospitals, data centers, bomb shelters and underground rooms for command and control of forces. Our seals have found their rightful place in numerous military building. They are also used for pipes in blast walls in underground facilities.