Rail Seal

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Multidiameter by Roxtec

Our adaptable solution, based on modules with removable layers, makes installation easy and safe. From each seal, you can peel off layers to enable a perfect fit to different sizes of cable or pipe. You can easily seal conventional and new technology cables side by side.

Better space managment

Thanks to the modular based seal, cables are neatly organized. A small, but proper space between each cable creates area efficiency and facilitates inspection and maintenance. The Roxtec flexibility allows you to modify the installation and add cables later on. Using Roxtec is a small investment, but it provides a lot of opportunities for future upgrades within rolling stock, rail control and infrastructure.

The recommended choice

What more can you ask for then a certified, user-friendly and standardized solution for cable and pipe seals, coverting all the safety needs in the railway industry? With our seals, you ensure reliability and protect passengers goods and investments. The Roxtec sealing system has become a globally recommended industry standard.