Rail Seal

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Stay competitive

To be successful in the railway industry, you must keep time schedules and be able to deal with new environmental and safety issues. As a sealing solution provider, we help contractors within infrastructure and rail control systems looking forward.

Flexible innovation

Multidiameter, the Roxtec technology based on modules with removable layers, makes it possible to seal several cables of different sizes, even pre-terminated cables in one single opening. By this, you ensure quality installations, avoid risks and save time on the site.

Focus on efficiency

Standardization with one supplier of certified seals saves time and money in all phases of construction and maintenance of rolling stock and trackside equipment. Roxtec adaptability and global logistics also make it easy to enter international joint-ventures.

Kit solutions

We supply standardized kits that handle a wide range of cable and pipe configurations. The need for future expansion is considered to ensure long-term functionality of every application. Each kit has a specific part number to simplify planning and purchasing.