Rail Seal

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Cost effective maintenance

Every Roxtec component is developed to ensure reliabillity. When the time comes for maintenance or upgrades in rolling stock, you will not regret having chosen Roxtec. Just open up and reconfigure the installation whenever you want.

Designed for simplicity

The excellent sealing features of the fire resistant system ensure passenger safety by eliminating risks for the train caused by fire. Smoke, strain, shock-waves or pressure. The Roxtec system has few parts. Which simplifies design, logistics and installation. It is easy to use and allows routing of preterminated cables.

Buit in space capacity

Our seals are designed to prepare the industry for future needs and regulations. You can add cables and pipes throught the service life of the vehicle, without adding cost. Keeping up speed and reliability is easy when you already have the best spare parts on the site.

Global solution

Our seals give you an advantage. Especially when manufacturing trains according to standardized platforms. Why worry about the configurations design or the size of the cables used locally, when our seals always fit?