Light Box

Shipbuilders and Military OEM's rely on i2Systems long lasting, highly efficient LED-based products and systems. From energy and weight savings to the reduction of hazardous waste and maintenance cost, the advantages presented through the integration of LED lighting Technology offer unprecedented benefits for both conventional and never-before-seen applications.

Significant Energy, Weight & Maintenance savings.

Designed & Tested to Military standards.

Perfect for off-grid and battery-based systems.

Designed & Manufactured by i2Systems in the USA.

In addition to custom tailor LED based lighting solutions for Military programs. Contact us with your requirements and we will assign a program manager to your project to see the process through from concept through full military quantification testing.

In addition to custom programs, it should be noted that our standard OEM products such as those designed and supplied to the rail, specialty vehicle and marine markets have been installed on military platforms. Navigate to our Marine/Transit section for a complete listing of products.