Distribution Panel

Tyco Thermal Controls offers a number of Control and Monitoring products designed specifically for pipe freeze protection systems. These devices sense ambient temperatures and are intended to control individual circuits or provide control for a heat tracing power distribution panel (HTPG) activating a number of circuits. Included in this product offering are mechanical and electronic thermostats, for simple on off control, as well as Control and Monitoring products that provide enhanced control scenarios, monitoring of circuit integrity, as well as providing ground fault protection as required for heat tracing systems.

Tyco Thermal Controls provides both Control only and Control & Monitoring solutions for pipe freeze protection applications.

Local - Dedicated to an individual circuit, located in close proximity to the heat trace power connection, these devices monitor and or control based upon the ambient temperature at that location.

Centralized - Packaged to offer a single location from which to monitor and or control a group of heat tracing circuits, these systems use a single control device to activate a system of multiple circuits.