Heat Tracing

Tyco Thermal Controls offers a number of Power Distribution products designed specifically for electric heat tracing systems. These products address the unique requirements for these systems, while offering opportunity to configure to indicate the status of each circuit powered from these panels. Available in panelboard sizes to accommodate up to 42 circuits the panels include 30Ma ground fault breakers as required for heat tracing circuits. Optional alarm capabilities include local indication as well as activation of remote alarms.

Tyco Thermal Controls provides both Group and Individual Control solutions for Electric Heat Tracing Systems.

Group -

The HTPG family of heat trace power distribution panels are constructed to utilize a single input control device to actuate the complete panelboard. Typically used for freeze protection applications.


-The HTPI family of heat trace power distribution panels are packaged to allow the activation of a single circuit from an input device / controller specific to that circuit that is independent of the power distribution.