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Advantages of the SRS CLICOMATIC EC

No mechanical contact between the lubricator and the rail or wheels. This means practically no wear on the lubricator, giving very reliable and trouble free operations

Compact steel cabinet with the possibility to open just the top section for inspection

Powered by 220V/50Hz (alt. 110/60Hz). No heavy nitrogene bottles are needed.

The grease container is made of transparent material and the pressure inside is atmospheric during operation. 9 bars pressure exist only in the grease hose between the grease pump and grease gun.

Exchangeable grease container with fast coupling.

The weight of the filled grease container is only 15kg.

Easy quick and clean, to change grease quality.

Possibility to use environmental friendly greases such as bio-degradable greases.

Correct application and dosage of the grease

The flexible control system gives optimal lubrication with less waste of grease and less dirt in track. The amount of grease is regulated by the preset time interval between shots and can easily be adjusted to local traffic situations and demands.

To obtain proper lubrication with CLICOMATIC only 20 - 30 grams (07-1.1 ozs) of grease per 1000 axles is required. This means exceedingly low grease consumption. In 10 -20 times less than for mechanical lubricators. The vertical and horisontal setting of the grease gun is of self-locking type. Which minimizes the time for adjustment of the grease gun.

Simple maintenance and service

Replacement of the grease container is clean and simple. When the level of grease is low the unit is switched off automatically to avoid damages on the grease pump. A filled container (about 15 kg) is transported out to the CLICOMATIC where the empty container is replaced. Refilling of the empty container is easily made at the workshop.

The need for maintenance and service is exceptionally low.

Flexible installation

Due to its design the CLICOMATIC EC can be installed practically anywhere. Where it is possible to find 220/50Hz (110V/60Hz) within a reasonable distance CLICOMATIC EX (type 022/026) preferably used in turnouts is equipped with an additional grease gun housing allowing to lubricate both switch tounges of the turnout.

CLICOMATIC EC can operate on railways, tramways, subways. Harbours and industrial tracks and also in mines.


The steel cabinet is placed on a post alongside the track and the grease gun housing is mounted on a sleeper approx 100-300 mm (4"-12") from the head of the rail (see fig 6)

Detailed instructions for installation and maintenance are provided with each rail lubricators.

With traffic in both directions. The CLICOMATIC is placed in the middle of the curve (see fig 1). With traffic in one direction the CLICOMATIC is placed at the beginning of the curve (see fig2). In turnouts the CLICOMATIC is positioned in regard to the type of turnout and the traffic direction (see fig 3-5)